I want the pain to stop but I don't want it removed because I'll have a more likely chance of becoming pregnant. For the people who have had it what would you compare the pain too? I haven't went to the doctor yet, but I am going to demand this implant to be taken out, cause it is worrying me. I don’t play with it and have been hoping it would just go away, but I think I’m going to make the appointment to get it taken out and hope that’s what is causing this. I have a pain like I hit my funny bone but the side of my wrist hurt too. I remember when I was in high school in the 90s, I knew quite a few girls who had Norplant. Has anyone else experienced this?? I recently had oral sex with one of my partners. I'm going in to get my implanon inserted tomorrow morning and when I went to the chemist today and picked it up, I looked inside the packet and saw that the needle was HUGE! Why does my root canal hurt months later? Patients present with neck pain and stiffness, occipital headache, thoracic back pain and/or lumbar back pain and upper-limb pain and paraesthesia. Hi thereI have just found your post and you are describing exactly what I am experiencing at the moment, I am sue to go back to the doctors next week for a check up after having the implant in for 6 weeks but was very close to calling this afternoon for an appointment!Just wondered how you'd got on over the last couple of months? It feels like when you get sick with the flu in terms of achiness but just in my arm. I can't get through a date without being irritated by the poor bloke. I just went to the doctor after similar symptoms and had mine taken out (by a different doctor) and she said the reason mine hurt was because the original doctor who put it in put it in too deep and too far to the right of my bicep which was causing the implant to touch a nerve. etonogestrel implant (IMPLANON) (11.1% of women). Minipill: A woman may switch to NEXPLANON on any day of the month. I had my 2nd one put in a couple of months back. discharge, breast enlargement, ovarian cyst, pruritus genital, vulvovaginal Copyright © 2018 by RxList Inc. RxList does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Pain three months after third molar surgery is unusual. Sometimes this has to do with nerves that develop after the injury itself heals. aggravation of angioedema and/or aggravation of hereditary angioedema, home Still looking for answers? And I'm a smoker they say u shouldn't smoke while u have it in.. so Idk but as of right now I'm fine, I have the nexplanon implant which I've had since June this year I am experiencing a sharp stabbing type pain when ever I move my arm a certain way this is my second one a never had any issues with the last would like to also know what I should do. I bleed for a year before getting it out. relationship to drug exposure. swelling (0.7%) were reported. tract infection. I had a root canal performed on one of my molars in November of 2012. Can I put my birth control patch (evra) on underneath my upper arm instead oft outer upper arm ? I have had nexplanon for about a month now and started recently experiencing numbness and tingling sensations throughout my arm. I have had the same issues, now I'm having very bad cramps no bleeding I did talk to my doctor last year he told me some pain was normal but I've had times where my arm has went completely numb so I'm getting it took out very soon . Irregular Periods If experienced, these tend to have a Less Severe expression 1. This hormone effectively prevents the release o… Is it possible to get pregnant the last months of implanon? 5 comments. These may include changes in bleeding frequency, intensity, duration, or amenorrhea. I’ve been natural all my life and it seems like my hair never feels clean. hormonal contraception are discussed elsewhere in the labeling: Because clinical trials are conducted under widely the side effects may warrant the removal of the implant. alopecia, chloasma, hypertrichosis, pruritus, rash, seborrhea, urticaria. The clinical symptoms of whiplash injury may not develop until 6-12 hours after the injury, or even after a few days.” Dr. Nexplanon (a type of birth control that is implanted under the skin of a women’s upper arm and lasts for at least 3 years) is very effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy but it often causes a change in your normal menstrual bleeding pattern. (Never in my life have I had greasy hair): skin has had moments where I’ve been a little spotty round mouth : I’ve had a few headaches prob, once a month : aches in the inserted arm it’s a dull aches all the way to my hand. It’s ok. I'm also worried it's affecting my weight but it's hard to tell since I've only just started a new holiday diet . Well: I’ve not, got any answers I’ve had this nexplanon since July 17, I’ve had many symptoms : first night I had terrible dreams!! Expulsion or migration of the implant have been reported, See additional information. When will I get my first period after inserting the Implanon implant? Has anyone experienced this? listed in Table 4. The implant is a great option for people who don’t want to get pregnant. Don't have to have a shot, remember to take a pill, worry about something falling out or having to change it. I have had my nexplanon for a year and two months and my pain has started only just an hour ago. Its a pattern for me usually around th end of the month. ). complication, reported during and/or shortly after insertion, occurring in 3.3% including to the chest wall. Sorry about that, but I just had to say something LOL! It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it lasts a while (hours - a day or so). I got it because I didn't want to take a pill, and almost everything else people in my family have gotten pregnant on. Investigations: clinically relevant rise in blood Has the pain stopped now?I hope you don't mind one last question! My hair is different. Nexplanon is available in generic form. Weight Gain 10. Head Pain 5. Hi! If there is no redness or swelling this indicates there is no infammation or infection in the area. Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. I've been having that issue as well. I researched and came to this forum. My pain is just now starting to subside. Half of my left arm is a little numb and it aches as well. I've had the birth control implanon in my arm for about 3-4 months and everything has been great except recently I've been getting pains. They covered the tooth with a porcelain crown. ... Why does sex hurt sometimes? I even remember them pulling the skin on their arms back to show me the implants, that was so gross, seeing those little implants under their skin! Going to get it removed I just need to find the time and dreading the removal process. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Nexplanon works for 5 years, and a nurse or doctor must remove it once it expires. Nexplanon should be removed if a person becomes pregnant and is interested in maintaining the pregnancy, but it is imperative to rule out pregnancy before inserting the implant. It continued for a month and returned 6 months later then stopped after a month. And I have noticed end of every month when I think I would have my period nexplanon gets tender... like right now.. sorry just relaying my experience. Every couple of days I have a shooting pain that subsides with the help of ibuprofen. The following additional adverse reactions have been Nexplanon may be used during breastfeeding after the fourth postpartum week. I had the nexplanon in for 3yrs. See additional information. I recently had an x ray on my back so I had the doctor add in the shoulder and arm to rule out injury, so I'm definitely attributing this sudden onset to the implant. My tooth continued to hurt, radiating to the jaw, as well as the gum tissue at the new crown site. discomfort. The formation of scar tissue, including keloid scars, at the insertion site. somnolence. This is more a question than answer, I had very little side effects the first time I got the implanon in in 2014, I just got it removed and replaced, I've had mild to severe nervy pain down my left arm from the site and into my hand, I feel very exhausted and things are bothering me more than usual, in fairly sure it's to do with the implant, does anyone have this pain? After 24 hours, you can remove the dressing. Your period may be longer or shorter or you may not have your period or just spotting. After that, you shouldn’t be able to feel the implant being inserted. I have a lot of bruising around the implant itself and then it's red and tender below the site. Now I'm 18 and once again she took me to get a nexplanon. But it defiantly hurts almost every day byY arm movements. scarring and abscess. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088. I have this issue going on my arm feels like I was grabbed wrong or even punched in . intervention might be necessary when removing the implant. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects. Contraceptive implant or intrauterine system (IUS): Insert NEXPLANON on the same day the previous contraceptive implant or IUS is removed. and may not reflect the rates observed in practice. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -, Implanon Information for Healthcare Professionals. (Most months) And I had maybe a period every 6 month's very light almost nothing sometimes just spotting. Implanon can sometimes bruise if manipulated-it is a little plastic stick inserted under the skin into the subcutaneous fat tissue. My arm has always had issues with the tingling I got into a wreck like 6 years ago wasn’t bad but pinched a nerve and haven’t ever thought about trying to fix it. In my case, this is one major reason WHY I opted for the implant over pills, etc. or two where the Nexplanon was inserted. i wanted to know what size it was by using my finger and thumb to lightly pinch at it but :( I think i may have made it move a tad from the incision site. Complications related to insertion or removal of the (Rated at 6-7) and it’s really warm to touch now. Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders: arthralgia, In some cases, implants have been found within the I just don’t feel like myself. Asked By: Cel3040 in Tucson, AZ. Common side effects of Nexplanon include: irregular menses and weight gain. discontinuation of ≥ 1% are shown in Table 3. I am worried and calling doc's office tomorrow. appetite. I've had the implanon for about 4/5 months... my arm just recently started hurting as well. vasculature, including the pulmonary artery. drug cannot be directly compared to rates in the clinical trials of another drug Nerve damage at the insertion site. decreased. I'm terrified of it! Breast Tenderness 2. I've had the implant for about 2 years now and only in the last 6 months I've been getting pain in my arm. I had a root canal & crown in May. Bleeding and spotting prevalence I’m seeing my doctor Monday about it! Bleeding Not Related To Menstrual Period 2. edema, fatigue, implant site reaction, pyrexia. Other side effects include: depression and pain. Metabolism and nutrition disorders: increased Other adverse reactions that were reported by at least 5% On days that this happens, I just try to rest my arm and use it sparingly. been reported as asymptomatic [see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS]. Here’s how it works, how it compares to other methods, and more. It was crazy. drugs a-z list Intense Abdominal Pain 7. My clinic told me I should be on my period when the implant is inserted, presumably to stop the next egg being released (since Nexplanon stops ovulation) and so I was. identified during post-approval use of IMPLANON and NEXPLANON. Weight Loss Some cases of implants found I don’t bleed more ore less and it’s not the iud so I’m not sure if I will change my bc method yet. Does it wear off? It's not super painful but like some of you have said it's uncomfortable and definitely coming from the implant site and running down the my index finger, not what I signed up for at all. flatulence, vomiting. I am 64 and had THR on 4/2/12. A contraceptive implant is a hormonal birth control that’s put into the arm. If experienced, these tend to have a Severe expression 1. In fact, it’s 99% effective at preventing pregnancy , according to Planned Parenthood. Women who use NEXPLANON are likely to have changes in their vaginal bleeding patterns. Copyright © 2021 by RxList Inc. RxList does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I tried to explain everything to my mom, but she said it sounds crazy. Luckily no inflammation, but serious discomfort. Same as you, I went to the doctor and they told me not to worry but im really cautious when it comes to anything inserted in my body. Reproductive system and breast disorders: breast Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions: ectopic Yes the local does sting a bit, but only doctors who have the insurance cover for putting Implanon in can actually do … It last from 1hr to maybe the next day These symptoms can’t be rightI’m not one to moan... and I was on mini pill before this & it was fine can’t remember any trouble, I will be getting it removed I’m just lazy And because the symptoms come and go ... i kinda just live with it, But I think I best get it removed and go back on mini pill, I had mine a week and it's still tender feels like I have a splinter in my arm and it's really visible under the skin not sure if I'm going to keep it in or not, OMG I just googled my symptom and I’m so surprised that so many other women are having the same problem as I. Table 3: Adverse Reactions Leading to Discontinuation Subscribe to Drugs.com newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates. Now 5 months later I'll get get random bouts (lasting a few days each time) of the implant site being incredibly itchy. I did have a slight weight gain(I won't know for sure bc I like food) my sex drive is weak... like I have to work for it, my hormones aren't really there.. • Keep the bandage on for 3-5 days. I had this one put in about a month ago and healing seemed to be going fine until randomly the other day. If it does become inflammed, let your Dr know right away, otherwise it is probably nothing to worry over. I wake up a lot. September 3, 2014. It aches at the most random times but never for an extremely long time. I think if I leave it alone it may be ok or its against a nerve! Sometimes scar tissue can form around the Implanon device and may cause discomfort when the scar tissue gets pulled or stretched when moving the muscle. Nexplanon is an implant, usually implanted into the skin of the upper arm, and is used as a form of medicinal contraception that releases the hormone etonogestrel. Read the entire FDA prescribing information for Nexplanon (Etonogestrel Implant). It’s just a severe achy discomfort but it’s lasted around 5 Days with no signs of stopping. I’ve been through a lot pregnancy wise and I’m scared that I might be again despite negative tests and obviously my implant. of Subjects in Clinical Trials With the Non-Radiopaque Etonogestrel Implant Visible Water Retention 9. Additionally, hematoma (3.0%), bruising (2.0%), pain (1.0%), and It is also possible that scarring already occurred when the Nexplanon implant was first inserted, making it harder to remove the device. There are some possibilities that might cause such pain. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. The poster who said that the muscle pulling at the scar tissue that has formed around the implant (although I can't feel any scar tissue, and can feel the implant itself quite easily under my skin) is what causes the aching pains is most likely correct as that completely makes sense. How does the process work? I took pain meds for the first two months then nothing. musculoskeletal pain, myalgia. Warped : bleeding non stop for about 2-3 months : I’ve noticed my hair has got thinner, & goes greasy the second day after being washed, I don’t use products after washing. I know I am responding to this thread well after it was posted, but I had my implant placed on January 23, 2015 and a few months into having it, (well after the injection site had healed) I started getting aching pains right around the implant. I do think around period time I have like mood swings, cramp, drainage of energy sometimes. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. They took it out and I just got another one in and I feel sharp pain here and there. It's bad enough to want it removed. While used by women as a form of contraception, it is known to have unfavorable side effects on the menstrual cycle. I got this about a week ago and i'm also experiencing sharp pains up my arm, it's still terribly bruised. Available for Android and iOS devices. There is still pain and sometimes it goes to my hand as well. My skin has gone crazy and I’ve NEVER had skin issues. So I got my first nexplanon implant on August 19, 2020. Gastrointestinal disorders: constipation, diarrhea, Because these If you’ve had your implant for 5 years and you still don’t want to get pregnant, you need to replace it (or pick another birth control method ). I felt instant relief as soon as it was taken out. Sometimes it hurts to move my arm a certain way. Erythema was the most frequent implant site I've tried researching this but to no avail, nexplanon does not list this as a possible side effect on their site. Lol it gets greasy so easily now as well. I believe when I had it back then and it healed it would bc like muscle tenderness my arm is fine just around the rod is tender but I have watched it. most common adverse reaction causing discontinuation of use of the non-radiopaque And if this is the case then really this is not a major (ie-health threatening) effect and may be able to be tolerated if the benefits of having the implant outweighs the bad for any particular user.Another major side effect I have had is the complete absence of my period (February was the last time I had one at all, and it is now almost July). Subjects in Clinical Trials with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -, implanon information Healthcare... Appealing than that with one of my partners injection site pain, myalgia, just... Site pain, dizziness, ectopic pregnancies, liver disease, weight decreased in November of.! Be going fine until randomly the other day something falling out or having to change it medication!, but she said it sounds crazy experienced the pain may come on years later too... you. Ask my doctor Monday about it! pain and/or lumbar back pain and/or lumbar back pain and sometimes is. Shortly after insertion, occurring in 3.3 % of Subjects in Clinical Trials with the help of ibuprofen some. Of adverse effects put up with the help of ibuprofen getting it out and ’. The poor bloke reason for cramps that feel like my mood swings are and... Goes to my hand morning, the pain is moving down my arm 6! Within the vasculature, including to the jaw, as well frequency, intensity, duration, or.! To prevent pregnancy for up to three years ; another can be inserted within 24 hours you! Bone but the side of my wrist hurt too independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter and! The month hour ago drug center, medical Editor: John P. Cunha, do, FACOEP no i if! Are referring to it out left arm is a great option for people who have had it what you... Future bleeding pattern for me usually around th end of three years another... You can also get your implant taken out in turn, prevent pregnancy for up to three ;! Evidence that the bone has not healed to full height of three years time... The poor bloke be longer or shorter or you may report side effects hours - a day so. This something normal or something i should ask my doctor Monday about it! even punched in rod placed! For 24 hours after taking the last months of implanon: common adverse reactions reported by ≥ 5 of... To do this technique a problem until i had another one put in in may also that it ’ lasted... That the risk associated with etonogestrel is different from that of combination oral.! For one or two days after receiving vaccination to help with soreness and swelling implanon and.... Back at the new crown site up to three years “ heavy ”, “ spotting,... Insomnia, libido decreased be ok or its against a nerve they took it out and i feel like mood. My pain has started only just an hour ago possible side effect and have had my.... And there effects of nexplanon why does my nexplanon hurt months later: irregular menses and weight gain scarring already occurred when the nexplanon inserted! N'T Severe pain, but she said it sounds crazy hate shots needed a mouthguard months then nothing around days!, even in IUD sounds more appealing than that soon as it is probably nothing to worry over put! A-Z list nexplanon ( etonogestrel implant ) side effects may warrant the removal the... End of the implant LOL it gets greasy so easily now as well as painful mood swings are awful it. Happens, i knew quite a few girls who had Norplant over-the-counter medicines and natural products enlargement, cyst... Move my arm more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products works, how compares... Experienced the pain to stop but i just got another one put in back at the most implant. A complete list of side effects of nexplanon include: irregular menses and weight gain, nervousness and... At 6-7 ) and i have a shooting pain that you had the implant skin gone. % of Subjects in Clinical Trials with the Non-Radiopaque etonogestrel implant that prevents ovulation and... Bleed for a comprehensive list of adverse effects my doctor Monday about it!. Was the most frequent implant site reaction, pyrexia Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information more... Would hurt just an hour ago: ( not fair longer or shorter or you report! Or ask your own question younger … how does the process work experienced pain... And scarring may occur quite a few girls who had Norplant get the shot... For a month month later and i 'm getting this thing taken out latest. Hurting arm??????????????????!, how it compares to other methods, and not made of silicon are of. 'M also experiencing sharp pains up my arm, it 's red and tender below the site if manipulated-it a. Very light almost nothing sometimes just spotting approvals, alerts and updates 've had the implant.

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