Eaton Compressor is a Christian based company. Most airends are only good for up to 40,000 hours and then they need a complete overhaul, with our airends they are good for 70,000 running hours as long as the unit is maintenance routinely and the correct oil is used. This closes the air off to the screw intake, making low load under start up. The controls are easy to understand on both the Compressor and Dryer unit and if there are questions Matt is there to answer them. • CPBg are gear drive fix speed units • CPVSd are direct drive variable speed units A wide offer • Available power sizes: 35-40-50 hp (CPBg & CPVSd) • 4 pressure variants for CPBg: 100-125-150-175 psig (fixed speed) • 1 pressure variant: 73-188 psig for CPVSd (variable speed) Highly efficient air intake filtration and oil separation When pump speeds are reduced, a sliding vane pump loses RPM and its centrifugal force to operate, yielding more leak paths and lower performance, at lower pump speeds. With a global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric is an industry leader in Power Management – Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power and in Automation Systems, providing integrated e efficiency solutions, that combine energy, automation and software to deliver comprehensive energy-saving solutions. Home » Products » 50 HP Direct Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 3 Phase, Variable Speed, EMAX Industrial Plus. These airends have precision-aligned back to back tapped roller bearings with close tolerances guarantee long life cycles and outstanding reliability. Their best-in-class products have set new standards for air end endurance and efficiency. Buy now Find your local dealer Highly energy efficient. Motor is not only built with a larger conduit box for easier connection, it has superior sealing for better environmental protection. Self Start – if the power is lost this unit will automatically restart itself, this eliminates a maintenance crew to have to restart after the shut down. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für US Air Kompressor 50 HP VSF Variable Rotary Schraube Ingersoll Rand Nirvana 37i N bei eBay. QUIET!!! or Best Offer. After shopping various brands which require “Factory Certified” start up and maintenance, Polar Air’s maintenance/warranty schedule was a no brainier for me. Fixed speed compressors fill the tank with more air than needed then turn off, when the pressure drops too low they turn back on. When demand increases, the motor speeds up. When they need changed the PLC will sound an alarm.After changing you simply reset that filter back to zero and start the maintenance tracker again. In this way the air compressor slows its rotation speed until it is producing exactly that amount of compressed air that is being used by the downstream equipment. When the valve is in a loaded state, it is compressing air and pumping it into the air-end. Reverse Fault – the controller will control when the unit is wired up if it is running backwards, it will sense a reverse rotation fault and shut the unit down. Although this is an upgraded feature, it is one that is well worth the cost to extend the life of your compressor. Air Differential Control- with differential control you have a wide range of pressure settings. Our trained service and support team is ready if you ever need them and we carry a full line of new replacement parts. 5.00 out of 5. Premium Industrial Motors These controllers have may many features that are extremely user friendly and easy to use. Our rotary screw air compressors also have Pre-Filtration, on the outside of the cabinets. Make sure to research and ask questions, when comparing warranty information. EMAX Compressor Gives you a 10 year warranty on all their airends! Master Slave – this controller can switch from one unit to the other and maintain the same use of hours. It has been a great experience working with your company on our air needs. Not changing the filters, on a regular basis, decrease the energy efficiency of the compressor. All Emax Air Rotary Screw air compressors are equipped with these state of the art screw airend compressors manufactured in Germany and Finland. A variable speed air compressor is equipped with a specially designed drive that controls and adjusts the operating speed. Variable speed compressors are an innovation that enables the compressor to rotate more slowly, producing less air, absorbing less energy. 50HP SULLAIR "12BS-50L-ACAC" ROTARY SCREW VERTICAL AIR COMPRESSOR … This can be set by the customer, this unit has a shutdown in case the unit goes over pressure. This compressor has become the back bone to my custom cabinet shop that contains a paint booth, numerous air driven pocket screw machines, air driven hinge machine, air over edge band machine, air over wide belt sander, air over CNC and upwards to 5 DA sanders operating at a time. Parameters- has a maintenance parameter system to create and maintain the parameter and control information. When running the compressor in the unloaded state, it allows the compressor to store more air than is being use (a storage tank must be used in this case). Clock and Date – built in Clock and Date to help keep track of preventative maintenance services. When a motor starts at full load voltage it causes a voltage sag on the power system, it can cause shock damage creating long term damage to your motor. You can save 25-70% on energy by using motor controls or variable frequency drives. I would recommend your units to anyone who asks about a Compressor or Complete Air System. Control: When a motor is started it takes as much as 8 times the full load motor current to start. This scenario gives you the same max CFM with the same HP but has a greater overall CFM range, delivering greater efficiency to the system. This 50 HP rotary screw air compressor offers many features, including a PLC that will allow for easy and intuitive scheduling and operation. Online Demand – this setting is made for high volume and will bypass the automatic kick-off mode. Maintenance Service – keeps track of when to change the air filter, oil filter and the coalescing filter, along with a schedule of when the unit needs greased. Good When any of these issues need addressed, the PLC will sound an alarm. Kaeser Model SFC37, 50 hp Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor. the unit has a maximum pressure setting – the computer will sense that it is going over pressure and will shut down. 1000 Cass Drive $5,900.00 . Here are some of its key features. I cannot say enough good things about not only the quality of this machine, but the quality of the air it produces. Air-Max 50 hp. Even in environments that are not particularly dirty, the build up, over time, can be damaging to the system and negatively impact the performance of the compressor. or Best Offer. The Air-end is an integral part of a rotary screw air compressor, but is does not work alone. An adjustable speed drive can take on 50-70% of that motor full load current by starting the motor at zero frequency and voltage, it works by magnetizing the motor winding’s and builds the frequency and voltage slowly, in short the variable speed drive starts as a zero speed and accelerates smoothly up to your settings.Programmable controls allow for adjustable operating speeds as well. Money Back Guarantee . It is vital that these filters are replaced and inspected on a routine basis, as it reduces the chances of component and air-end contamination. We use High Efficiency motors constructed with superior materials, higher service factors, longer bearing lives, lower waste- heat output and less vibration. Here are some of its key features: We utilize Gardner Denver Tamrotor Air Ends. Parameters – has a maintenance parameter system to create and maintain the parameter and control information. Eaton Compressor is a Christian Based Company. Vane-style compressors also lose efficiency in higher PSI ranges. This helps save money, due to increased energy efficiency over other air compressors on the market. The Customer Service and help that Matt gave us is unsurpassed. Polar Air, by Eaton Compressor, backs all of our rotary screw air compressors with the best warranty in the industry – a full 10 years – and it is NOT pro-rated. Warranty – these PLCs carry a 5 year warranty. Rate… A cooler running motor delivers higher efficiency. Designed For Use With Stationary Air Receiver (Not Included) Each air end is tested to meet consistent high quality standards. After the unit gets started, it has a 12-secound time delay. Used Compressors Ingersoll Rand IRN50H-CC 50 Hp oil flooded rotary screw variable speed 460 Volt 3 phase. Clock and Date – Built in Clock and Date to help keep track of preventative maintenance services. Very poor, Rotary Screw Air CompressorsPiston Air CompressorsQuiet Air CompressorsPortable Air CompressorsGas Air CompressorsAir DryersAir Compressor MaintenanceAir Compressor PumpsAir Compressor Tools, 1000 Cass Drive Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Low Oil Shutdown – if the controller senses that the unit is going into high temperature it will shut it down. Local: 937-540-1140, CUSTOMER SERVICE Variable speed compressors in refrigeration and air conditioning are not as simple as the appear and yet provide energy efficiency and are readily available to the marine market with Frigoboat and Climma, Italian manufactured product brought to you by Coastal Climate Control. This offers a number of benefits, including delivering more constant pressure, protecting against power surges and lowering energy consumption. The variable speed drive eliminates those surges. or Best Offer. Schneider Electric has been around since 1981. Choose the solution that works best for your compressed air requirements. This machine is such a beast! I would say it was no louder than a household blender. $16,970.00. $5,750.00. Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm EST. Each and every one of our rotary screw air compressors is built to exacting standards, to provide years of dependable service, under demanding conditions. This load and unload system means greater energy savings as well. Filters; Process Chillers; Refrigerated Air Dryers; Nitrogen Generation; Condensate Management; Compressed Air Piping; Blowers & Vacuum . It allows the unit to keep running on continuous run mode for high air demand. Over AMP Shut down – if the motor is pulling to many amps it will shut down. Programmable Logic Controller $15,000.00. description variable speed drive rotary screw air compressors cpvs 40 to 250 hp. This controller makes this unit bullet proof. Keep up the good work. The company was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I would gladly recommend this product to any one that needs 80+ CFM of cool dry air to make a living with. Variable Speed ready to Control the speed of the motor. The Emax Compressor is factory set at 120 kick in and 145 kick out. The outside air is brought in and filtered, before it hits the inlet valve, to ensure it is receiving clean air. Our rotary screw air compressors offer 100% duty cycle which means that you can operate your compressor 24×7 without the need to shut it down to avoid overheating. When it is in an unloaded state, it shuts off the air supply, so the motor and screw are turning, but not taking in air, and not pumping any air to the system. Hour Meter – built in hour meter to keep track of the running hour on the machine. CUSTOMER SERVICE The lower the pressure the higher CFM and the more hours you will get on your screw compressor, so keep the pressure as low as possible. Adjust Pressure – to what pressure range you need. Not that bad 12 watching. Average 37kw High Quality Pm Variable Speed Air Compressor 50 HP for Plastic Factory picture from Shandong Sollant Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. view photo of 37kw Screw Air Compressor, 50 HP Air Compressor, Screw Compressor for Mask Making.Contact China Suppliers for More Products and Price. We have provided you with an example of ht average energy savings from APE Energy. Inverter compressor: uses a variable frequency drive – also known as inverter drive– to slow down or speed up the motor that rotates the compressor. Low RPM also minimizes harmonic distortion for a quieter, more reliable compressor. The Heart of EMAX Rotary Screw: Kaeser Model SFC37, 50 hp Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor. You can check the amp draw of the electric motor as it is running and also on the exhaust fan motor. We use only genuine Mann Filters. Light – has a built in light for dark locations. In the time that we have used our 100 H.P unit we have not had a failure. Light – Has a built in light for dark locations. Built in Timer – this component will sense when the unit is not being used for a period of 20 minutes, under no load. Hour meter – Built in hour meter to keep track of the running hour on the machine. Filters help protect the compressor from wear and damage.