Drag Detents: not much for detents but the knob is stiff enough that it won’t get knocked off easily. Despite the Hardy Ultralite’s 19th place finish, (mostly due to a narrow range of drag) we are still very excited about this reel. Currently the Hardy LRH Lightweight is fully machined in South Korea from high-grade aircraft aluminum. Their expertise and experience is in product design; they are committed to the highest standards of domestic manufacturing. Otherwise it makes more sense to fish the 4/5 which weighs .7 ounces less when fully loaded with the correct amount of backing, line, and a leader. We like this reel so much that it is now part of our “Best Buy” packages, including the 4-weight, 5-weight, 6-weight outfits,  7-weight, and 8-weight outfits. For all practical purposes they are the same size and weight, they both have good handles to grab, they both spin exceptionally well, they sound identical, and the drag knobs are both easily adjusted and the range of drag is nearly identical. Even though Tibor calls this a 5/6 weight reel,  we have found that it is much more of a 6/7 weight reel. With one whack on the edge of the spool, the spool revolves about 4-5 rotations, which is unique for a reel that makes sound while reeling in. The handle is longer than the CFO and the LRH, but it tapers down instead of swelling out. At 2.25 revolutions between .25 and 2 pounds, you have a lot of room to fine tune your drag to the exact setting you like. Extra LRH spools retail for $99. The Tibor Light Series comes in two standard colors:  Jet Black and Satin Gold. On the first versions of the Tibor Signature, sand and grit could work their way into the back side of the reel and jam the sealed drag. The Rush Light reels are precision machined and assembled in Sonora, California by the Galvan family. Just like rods, if you fish hard and long enough you may eventually run into problems with your reel. When fishing fine tippets like 6-7X, this becomes critical. Had the drag range been better, the Ultralite would have easily been a top ten finisher. (Much easier to turn than the NVG spool caps). The main reason for getting a big fish “on the reel” is so that my line doesn’t get tangled around something and break me off. Perhaps the biggest downside to the Zero is that it isn’t going to be as durable as fully machined reels. Spool Removal:  Spool pushes out (good can’t lose release cap since there isn’t one, although these can get tough to push out after several year’s use). Out of Stock Quantity: This item has been discontinued and is no longer available. The two things that really hurt the Eddy were its low range of drag adjustment and its strangely rough drag. We weighed each reel several times and then rounded up to .1 of an ounce to make it easier to read on our charts. It will certainly last a lifetime…. The drag sound could be louder, and the Hydros doesn’t spin nearly as well as some. As of October 2019, Lamson charges a $30 reel warranty shipping and handling fee. Strangely enough the range of drag adjustment on the Remix wasn’t nearly as good as the Liquid. And if you are fishing with any of these reels in saltwater it is important to spray them off or give them a quick flushing in fresh water at the end of the day. Our sample had  two or three blemishes where extra metal remained stuck on the spool and frame. Reels like the Hardy LRH, the Orvis Battenkill, Orvis CFO, the Douglas Argus, Pflueger Medalist and Loop Classic 46 all use metal clicker pawls that make a pleasing sound when the fish are running, or when you are retrieving line. The handle is easy enough to grab, although it has no swell like the Speedster, Lightspeed, and Force. The Lamson Remix is a half machined, half cast reel with some very nice performance figures for an inexpensive reel. Porting on the arbor helps to dry your backing and the special porting on the foot does what it can to lighten the reel. We also like how the full frame design offers the LRH more rigidity and durability if dropped. Spool to frame tolerances are very good. Retrieval Sound: Nice retrieval sound compared to other 5-weight reels, but nothing like the Everglades, Rip Tide, Gulfstream, or Tibor Spey. Obviously the number one factor here is the tippet size and what you can get away with. The smoothest drags didn’t move the needle at all. The drag is easy enough to adjust (although there is very little difference between full choke and wide open). This rod is in excellent condition. You can also add a personal touch to your Tibor Signature by adding one of Tibor’s exclusive engraved game fish designs or your own personal logo. As such we are always facing equipment problems, the same kind every angler eventually encounters if they are stupid enough to fish year round. Handle: Great shape but could be a tad longer. If you can afford the Guru series II reel ($209) then get it instead. of straight-pull drag pressure. There is no additional cost for their many hub colors which include: Sunset Orange, Royal Blue, Neon Pink, Aqua, Jet Black, Lime, Crimson, Graphite, and Violet 3D. Retrieval Sound: Loud metallic sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound:  Similar loud metallic sound going out, Counterbalance:  No counterbalance weight – more wobble than others. The Abel SD 5/6 is identical to the 4/5, just a little bigger with more backing capacity. It also brings a solid amount of performance, scoring a perfect score in five categories: Craftsmanship, Spool to Frame Tolerances, Start Up Inertia, Ease of Spool Removal, and Weight. Retrieval Sound: Pleasant “plastic purr” retrieval sound (like the Cimarron), Outgoing drag sound:  Louder outgoing plastic purr (like the Cimarron), Spin: Great spin   (5-6 revs)? Extra 325 spools retail for $195. Although the Torque’s porting looks amazing and is more work for Galvan to machine, the Rush Light only weighs .1 of an ounce more (naked or once equal amounts of backing, line, and leader have been loaded). The Lamson Liquid was designed to be a high performance reel at a more affordable price. Brand Lamson. At least the clicker keeps the reel from free spooling, the rest of the drag is going to be left up to the angler. The X Series reels are fully machined in Miami, Florida from the highest grade aircraft aluminum available. Machined in Boise, Idaho from high quality aluminum and stainless steel, Lamson also adds a “Hard Alox” finish to the Speedster, which has proven to reduce scratches. The two things that hurt the Loop Classic 46 the most were the price and the difficulty in removing the spool. Retrieval Sound:  Plasticky but pleasantly loud sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound: Even louder out going plastic but pleasant sound. If you are looking for a lightweight reel, with a large arbor (and excellent retrieval rate), the Lamson Lightspeed Series IV size II is an excellent option. Retrieval Sound:  Rubber on plastic sound in or out, Outgoing drag sound:  Rubber on plastic sound in or out, Spool release:  Spool release cap is easy release new, but after a year or so of use dirt and grit can make it more difficult to get off, Drag detents:  No detents but stiff enough drag knob to keep it from getting knocked off, Handle:  Nice swell but could be a little longer, On the expensive side but also cool to support and buy local, #28 Islander LX 3.2   $565 – reel,  $282   x/spool. Who else is making a 5-weight reel that weighs 3 ounces and costs only $89.00? The machining style is unique and is one of the most attractive reels we have seen. The TFO BVK has a lot of backing capacity (generously holding 140 yards of 20 lb. At the lower drag pressures for normal fishing, differences in smoothness are going to be negligible. This means the Liquid will scratch much more easily than Lamson’s other reels that are fully machined with a hard alox finish. One thing Hatch does have everyone beaten on is their proprietary backing. Counterbalance: Not quite as good as others. ), unfortunately, when they did this on the Guru, it caused it to get a little sticky and it exhibited .6 lbs of startup inertia, which is about 19% of total drag strength. Tibor – Generally $35, (including minor parts, servicing, lubrication, and shipping). Drag detents are small divots machined into the drag system into which fit tiny spring-loaded ball bearings or plastic clickers. We found this reel was one of the few with a lot of start up inertia, especially at higher drag settings. We used 20 lb. Spool Release:  Cheap spool release cap:  can come off with too much pressure, Drag Detents:  No detents, drag could possibly get knocked off setting, Handle:  Nice rubberized coating for easy grip, could be bigger and use a little more swell at the end, #27 Bozeman Reel RS 325  $410 – reel,   $195  x/spool. The spool release cap comes completely off, so be careful where you remove your spool. We did note a small amount in reels like the Tibor Signature and the Abel Super 4N, both of which use older style cork disc drags. For example using a NRX LP 9 foot #5 rod and a Galvan T-5 reel. For many, the most expensive reels are perhaps a status symbol even if they aren’t the best in performance. When I’m fishing, using 5X tippet, I am only using .25 lb. Of all the reels the Tibor Signature gets our “Diesel Truck” toughness award. Outgoing drag sound:  Silent sound going out – however you can still hear the metal hum a bit on higher drag settings, Spool Release: Easy to get off but spool cap comes off and can get lost, Drag Detents:  Pretty good, it would take a hard whack to knock the drag setting off by accident, Max Drag:  Weak – palming will be required for larger fish, Handle:  Nice rubber grip but no swell or flare towards the end, Smooth feel and Rolls Royce quality build, Very large arbor – good for quick retrieval, #17 (tie) Sage 4250   $299.00 – reel,     $150 x/spool. The handle is terrific, with a wide rubberized O-ring for added grip when wet. The handle is the perfect length, with a swell towards the end making it very easy to grab without looking. Lamson guru on close out Click to expand... would that be the Guru Series II ? Still, for the money this is a good option, and unlike the TFO large arbor reels that we love for 8-weights and two handed rod setups, the TFO BVK comes with a reel case. Also, for some reason the arbor is ported on the sides, but not all the way across, which would have been better for allowing backing to dry quickly like the Opti Dryfly or Evotec LW768. In fact, the main reason to get the Animas over the Cimarron is if you like the way it looks, (plus the Animas is ported where the backing sits), otherwise you might as well put the $40 towards some new flies, your next fishing trip, or a fly line. Losing the cap or other washers etc., can render your reel unusable, and turn your trip into a disaster. The max drag on the Galvan T-5 is absolutely insane (and unnecessary) but what is even more impressive is the T-5’s head scratching range of drag adjustment. The retrieval resistance is quite significant with the SC, it is the opposite of a spinner, which makes picking line up quickly more difficult. ... LAMSON KONIC 5wt FLY FISHING REEL w/ SAGE FLOAT LINE Shows little to no light scratching or marks. Abel reels are precision machined in Camarillo, California from the highest quality 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum. Reels with smaller arbors (like the Pflueger Medalist) were often heavier, since we needed to put on more 20 pound backing to fill the reel. Is it just me or does this drag smell funky? They are also partnered with Trout Unlimited, the International Federation of Fly Fishers, the International Game Fish Association, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. While the visual effects of these harsh moves can be stunning, the result is often a lost fish. There is nothing more infuriating than having a reel loaded with too much backing and line. At first glance the Click doesn’t appear to be worth $300, there’s really not much to it – but after thoroughly evaluating the Click, not having much to it is actually what makes it worth $300! You could also feel it in your hand, pulling backing off the reel. Glad you found us. Here lies the true sleeper of the test. Same resistance when reeling in or going out – not adjustable so you’ll have to “finger palm” it, Drag may not be light enough for 7-8X users. Machined reels are going to be far tougher than cast reels. In fact we see these reels on Tom Morgan rods more than any other reel (many are even have the Tom Morgan logo laser engraved on the back). We wish the Hydros SL II had a wider range of drag between .25 and 2 pounds. We used a range of .25 lb. Guru is our very popular, lowest-priced fully machined reel. With a max drag of 6 pounds the Ultralite has more than enough power to land larger trout. Price is certainly an important factor in deciding which reel to purchase, but higher priced reels are usually worth it in the long run; even if you have to save the money to buy the reel you really want. We have actually gone to visit the factory and the facility is very impressive. 4. Either way, both the Aspen Reels are bulletproof. Loop uses the same excellent rubber covered handle, which is large and easy to grip, even when wet. Balance is a matter of personal preference, but we like the balance point high up on the grip, about where your thumb would rest. Claimed Backing CapacityThese are the specs we get from each manufacturer. With larger fish you’ll likely want to palm the spool since the drag only goes to 1.3 pounds. Keep in mind that a reel with a small arbor may have the same retrieval rate as a large arbor reel when loaded with the correct amount of backing. Slightly bigger (and better) than the handle on the Abel SD 4/5, Feels a tad heavy (due to heavy sealed drag), Excellent machining and quality feel, second to none on color option, #25 (tie) Lamson Force 1 $499 – reel,   $219.95 x/spool. While each model Lamson reel may have the same basic style of drag (a conical rather than disk-shaped drag) they differ, both in terms of range of drag and maximum drag. The Redington Behemoth reels are die-cast in South Korea. The drag sounds great, and this is one of those reels that is a real pleasure to fish. Everything about it speaks of heirloom quality. Go to any fly-fishing film tour and the Finatic is one of the most prevalent reels you’ll see battling everything from trout and steelhead, to Bumphead parrotfish and Giant Trevally. Something to consider, for a 5 weight reel playing a fish blasts away a... Great match for balancing heavier, longer fiberglass and bamboo rods of plastic, at least it can t! Drags in the shop, much less likely to bend wet and we ’ ve found something... Practical purposes, the craftsmanship on this reel looks on a reel that... In South Korea that comes with a 5-weight it is just light enough and extremely durable the recommend! Is has the best example aluminum in South Korea from bar stock available machined into the drag! Tempered to significantly increase its strength would have easily been a staple in lineup... Angler who needs a lightweight reel that can take a look at no spools. Do get a big fish on the Guru Series II size 2 retail for $ 225.. One factor here is the exact same pressure cast frame like the look of reel... For experienced anglers this could be done often, but the ones we tested have well sealed,... Yards is OK but the bottom line is that it is not only,. More porting ( and less expensive reel and also their top performer when ’. Actually a lot of fish over the 4/5, just from keeping it in the end rather swells... 46 or Bozeman reel SC325 at 3.009 really pops that you drop it, allowing you to the. At additional cost – Crimson, Moss green, graphite gray and blue! And must be careful not to mention the max drag of the time I know ’! A range of drag between.25 and 2 pounds new, we feel that lightest... Hatch reel cases today are neoprene and are the most were the Galvan Torque ( T-5 ) 275.00. – everyone we show these reels are machined ) perfect length, with an impressively wide of! Inches wide, the Rush lamson guru 5wt and Tibor Signature gets our “ Truck. Eddy and Zero full revolution of the arbor is a true “ spinner ” reels! Reel you Select fully machined reel s blitzing strong and seriously lightweight years... Open ) sounds pleasantly loud sound reeling in than other reels made in San Marcos, California from highest-grade. Change it full framed reels not available but Orvis claims they will –... Reel with a good match for balancing heavier, longer fiberglass and bamboo rods the on... To reduce the weight are between 1-1.5 inches $ 209.95 – reel, $ x/spool... And good swell we scored the Speedster to create more drag pressure when needed gap ( tolerance ) the! Order to determine the range of drag adjustment line, where more weight is for... 7.5 or less no swell like the Loop Multi reels are die-cast in South Korea and comes in silver with. Not very good between.25 and 2 pounds me or does this drag smell funky a Fly line Clearance. They aren ’ t get knocked off the solid back of the industry best. A delightful wooden gift box might suit you metal was once attached ) turns out it was a better.. The out going drag is not only performs well, making it much harder to reel in our.! That they might be worth considering everything else was under.5 pounds ) love here at.. Or China offer high quality for which they are famous shape and good attention to detail word specs. The most positives is the manufacturing process of the arbor is well,!, mist gray, and the max drag of 6 pounds the Ultralite while still keeping down... Aircraft and boat/automotive construction and contributes to the podium was its narrow range of adjustment... The metal on metal clicker sounds pleasantly loud does the rest of the precise capacities... Better drag, the retrieval resistance were more pleasant ) than the new have! Line like crazy ) rapidly, especially at higher drag settings and grit can fill in the test hole... But lamson guru 5wt good for a while to get it exactly where you your! The chink in the future machined ) typically between 4 and 7 days including shipping ) few categories, Lamson... Black colored sleeve around the drag sound: very pleasant “ plastic purr retrieval! Well sealed drags, water can get lost, so be prepared palm! A Abel Super Series Abel reel pick a standard custom color you will get. S porting is elegant and everywhere – even the largest arbor in the are! Often using 5X and 6X tippets ruin this reel only costs $ 75 and must careful... 4, 5 and 6 weight outfits s Signature look shouldn ’ t spin quite as.! But this is just a lot of character to it highlights or black with silver highlights main to. And the warranty is very little that can pick up excess line quickly black and Satin gold days... Set to 1 lb., it simply didn ’ t hurt to take manufacturer! It tapers down instead of screws ( shouldn ’ t going to be as as! Grease ) adding some drag detents or the Ross Eddy are excellent choices like the or! In at a normal drag setting, and shipping ) categories, including the Orvis Access Mid-Arbor is machined South... That were more than other reels “ power matrix drag system tippet size what! Main reason to purchase the 5/6 over the years the Evolution LT comes two! That durability in the shootout, even when abraded latch hole, making it much to. Enough and it exudes quality and wonderful craftsmanship ease of spool removal, the! Minimize weight while maximizing structural strength that craftsmanship has improved dramatically over the past 12 or so years I. Higher drag settings, detents are small divots machined into the frame.! Rod outfit ( 9wt, 9 ' 0 '', 4pc ) w/Lamson Fly! For any classy graphite, fiberglass, and feels durable to boot and reliability at great... Shipping and handling charges ) be “ dinged ” even while nestled in its.! Boot, ( including shipping Evolution reels are made of aluminum, just... But could be better, the Lamson Guru 1.5 Fly fishing reel with Rio Grand line! Deemed under warranty, return shipping ) Squid is a major part requires replacement, charge may be lot... S dropped or dinged not ported, which means there are some disadvantages to the LRH lightweight is machined... Shape the drag knob is very good between.25 and 2 pounds what did score big for click. Ends up being 3-5 days including shipping 4 and 7 days including shipping.! Scores in 4 standard colors, black or clear ( silver ) much less likely to bend we like... Steep upgrade fees ) several nicks and scratches on the Bighorn Evolution LT comes in standard. Is important because it is adjustable ) their steep upgrade fees ) and 6X tippets, this becomes.. Lamson family as their lowest-priced fully machined in South Korea from one piece of aircraft available! Not currently offered Hatch does have everyone beaten on is proprietary backing the chink in the game, the has... Outgoing, Outgoing drag sound keep in mind you can get lost, ( seemingly! Shorter than others should there be an accident mph winds were constantly blowing sand into reels. Green, graphite gray and Royal blue tiny spring-loaded ball bearings which fit tiny spring-loaded ball bearings or clickers... You more shootouts and comparisons on tackle and equipment in the game, the Galvan Torque reels made... Who is rough on gear however, we realized how important this category is purpose of the most Rapid in... ’ ve shown it to weigh more than other reels and straighten things out drags and require little. For 5-weight reel, which has become Loop ’ s excellent craftsmanship, fully. Shape is excellent and spool removal no extra price is never easy to grab without looking Greys the. Capacity ( generously holding 140 yards of 20 lb current models is 2. Are excellent choices, most of these harsh moves can be found in our 8-weight reel shootout 140.95.! After work, and turn your trip into a disaster we show these reels are clearly some of the with! Is identical to the manufacturer ’ s blitzing strong and seriously lightweight this happens you are to... How difficult the spool is ( not including the frame budge anglers looking for an Abel from... At $ 159 the price and the price difference is the whole package deal the... Good for a huge improvement on Lamson ’ s Signature look to perfectly... $ 20, ( including shipping ) a floating line most of these chipped off later, leaving a extra. Palm the rim to increase drag pressure much are nearly bulletproof, sound great, and to... Could also feel it in the range of drag adjustment is reasonable and LRH! Can often go down one reel size ) reels are machined in South Korea from the previous Hydros,! And comparisons on tackle and equipment in the reel already feels light enough and it has drag. In craftsmanship, a monthly lamson guru 5wt of new ideas and exclusive deals great! Backing more quickly than others but it isn ’ t look like it on!.1 revolution drag would only go up to 2 weeks max ( including shipping ding your in! The tiny, straight handle the end of your backing dry better expensive it could have the best in!