I ordered the foundation as well it sleek and attractive looking super simple to set up. Look at the details below to see if one of these will work for you. I think after 3 years I should have bought a different one (supposed to be warrantied for 20?). Lucid. If you want more of the memory foam "sinking into" feeling I'd suggest a memory foam mattress pad topper maybe 2-3in deep, but it's not necessary. I had the best sleep since before I was pregnant and my baby is 7 months now! The Casper changed my body alignment in the bed and I am glad it did. Though there are health risks, like dust mites, that would mean we wouldn't want to sleep on the same mattress for over 15 years, we could all sleep easier if it was a guarantee our mattress would last that long. Lucid uses specialist logistics companies like UPS to deliver the Lucid mattress directly to customers doors throughout the USA and Canada. Great job Casper. After all, with 100 days to try it out there was only a little effort to lose. But for the price you pay, this thing is great. Jump to any section by clicking the links below: As with all mattress reviews and comparisons on Mattress-Reviews.com, GoodMorning.com Inc. tests major online mattress brands in order to continually update and improve its own products. It is rated at 6.8 / 10 on the motion isolation scale. Once opened, the compressed mattress is easy to remove from the box. At first I was a little skeptical since it was firmer than the mattress I normally sleep on, but I LOVE it. It is cool in the summer and adjust perfectly to your temp in winter. I am a squishy bed kind of girl and wondered if this more firm mattress would be a no go for me, but I could see sleeping on it. See how it all works here. Thank you Casper. Quick set up, in the box is just the bed and some plastic wrap. Simply tip the box from a vertical position into a horizontal position and pull the mattress out of the box. … These are all out of the box concepts (get it?) The best part is the Casper still looks brand new, no depressions or sagging at all. Your mattress will leave the warehouse in 24-48 hours. You can view the methodology of testing and the APEGA-stamped results document here. The results don’t lie, I have been significantly better. I too had minor aching in my lower back the first couple weeks after sleeping on this mattress, but for some reason it did feel like a "good ache". One word of advice... the mattress rolls out upside down, so flip it before taking the plastic off. 7% OFF. Make sure to do some extra research on the reviews and specifications before buying. I am well well satisfied on this purchase, it arrived in a few days from the initial order by Fed Ex. At anytime I want. MOST COMFORTABLE MATTRESS EVER. End of story we and our dog simply love our CASPER! Some struggle involved, but very doable. The price was much less than expected and the ordering process was simple and effortless. $249.99 - $499.99. BUY IT NOW.This is the second one I've bought. One of Canada’s most popular mattress brands, Endy mattress is an all-foam mattress that features a streamlined design. This mattress is firm yet soft and comfortable at the same time. I do not sweat at night any more. everybody who knows about our bed is jealous for what a good price we got it. So, thank you, Casper, for being the reason we have a new lease on life...pain free mornings and deep, restful sleep through the night. and it feels great. I am not sure how long it will last, I have only had it a month or so. Never go back. It's not the lightest mattress but I don't find it any more heavy or cumbersome than a traditional spring mattress.We're talking about having to upgrade to a queen or king size when we move again and I will absolutely be buying either of those sizes in a lucid memory foam. Love the product. According to the testing conducted by third-party engineers (commissioned by us), the Lucid mattress and Douglas mattress firmness and feel are fairly similar. By far the best mattress I have ever owned. She doesn't want to get up. The Lucid mattress review below is for the 10 inch gel mattress. Is Lucid a good mattress? Truly, the best way to buy a bed is to simply have one sent to your home, with a free-trial, it is a no-brainer. "I had the best night of sleep, ever! I would wake up with pain in my neck, hips and the arm on the side I slept the most on during the night. Cut from a single piece of fabric and woven together, the design is almost seamless. The Lucid mattress company offer a range of budget mattresses with a 10-year limited warranty. It is on the firmer side, yes, but it still fits to your body and is still comfortable. Each mattress contains comfort, transition, and support layers, and these layers vary slightly in height and density. BE CAREFUL when unboxing it- there are lots of large silica gel packs in the box- a few of ours had broken and there were little pieces everywhere. We have taken it upon ourselves to research the best mattress toppers in Canada, so you can make an informed buying decision. I've been having quite a bit of trouble sleeping lately and I think that it's because while I'm sleeping and turn over I feel like I'm going to fall off. Lucid is one of the best-selling, most popular Amazon mattress brands. The difference prevents the mattresses from fitting down in the frame. Once I had everything unboxed and made my bed I couldn’t wait to go to sleep that night. It was heavy but I was able to lift it by myself and drag the box up a flight of stairs. Sleeping great! Thankfully it did not take long for us to know we made a good purchase! The product is fantastic. Over the years, Casper has updated its products, now having four different mattresses: The Wave Hybrid, The Original, The Element, and The Nova Hybrid. We are in awe and we bow to your genius. After only one night I spent four out of the six hours asleep in a deep slumber and had no sleep-related pain. I was stunned to receive it the day after I ordered it and was incredibly grateful. While much of North America's mattress market is centered in the United States, Canada's bed-in-a-box industry has been going strong for more than a decade. The Lucid mattress has below average motion isolation. I was surprised at the relative firmness. It's the best I've ever owned. - Lucid Comfort Collection Mattresses And after doing a month long sleep tracking app, I found that I was only really averaging, at most, 2 hours of deep, restful sleep a night. For this comparison, we have chosen two of the most comfortable and best-selling mattresses from each brand, the Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Hybrid and the Lucid Full Hybrid Mattress. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. First impressions are that it might be too firm, but don't let it fool you. Memory foam is soft and pressure relieving, though it can make the mattress … Get Limited-Time Deals with Some of I usually toss and turn all night long, but with the new Casper, and only a few days in, I’ve already noticed that I am actually getting a full night’s sleep as well as waking up not feeling exhausted and achy. You can buy Lucid mattresses on the company website or on Amazon. I was also concerned that over time the mattress might "break-in" or sag where I sleep - this hasn't happened. Unboxing and building the foundation was very easy. If you paid me a million dollars, I would give you the mattress, but I would buy another one and keep the rest of the money. Podium gives you more features and more convenience, all at a simply unbeatable low price! They offer a wide variety of mattress options that are low cost, which is preferred for budget-conscious shoppers. It was perfect for me, and took care of my back issues. The bed is so very comfortable and the extra long size is magical (I have a boyfirend that is 6'6") and his feet do not hang off anymore!! The box was incredibly heavy and it required some muscle to take it to my bedroom. Excellent quality. Hands down...this is THE best mattress I've ever owned. No matter how much money we spent on mattresses; we still woke up stiff and distorted in pain. This is a spring and foam mattress with charcoal and aloe vera infused foam to reduce the initial memory foam smell you get when opening the mattress. Set up was simple and easy. Free 2-day shipping. I saw NO other comparable warranty, so I purchased it.Once again, when UPS delivered it, I had my doubts..... it came in a box. Plus free shipping. $649.99 $ 649. After the first night on my Casper mattress I knew it would be great for my back. Lucid only offers a 30-night sleep trial. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The company’s current lineup includes gel memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses, as well as specialized models for children and a variety of bedding and sleep furniture. had broken, so when I took out the mattress from the box, they spilled all over my wood floor. With no sleep aids. It has a soft white cover which can be unzipped and washed, I think. Lucid Mattress offers coupons that offer existing users a discount on a variety of items. So my wife and I talked and decided to give it a chance. The product claimed to be 100% waterproof and came with a 15 year warranty. I would prefer a bed that's a little on the firm side than one that'll sink in the middle after a short time anyway. I wish I would have known about this "steal" sooner... We have shopped, and shopped, and shopped for mattresses and I have never seen a deal this great even at the discount places or the places with defective mattresses. It isn't extremely pungent and didn't bother me a lot, but it is there, and definitely needs to air out. I was a little worried about having to get used to this type mattress as we have had a waterbed for the past 30 years. Now, after a couple weeks, I wake up pain free and completely refreshed. Sadly, not everyone rates these mattresses well for longevity. Lucid 2 inch gel inf ventilated memory foam mattress topper lucid 2 inch 5 zone lavender inf memory foam mattress topper up to 44 off on 10 gel memory foam mattress groupon goods lucid 12 memory foam mattress review the sleep judge. Lucid Mattress Design & Construction. Lucid Mattress is a brand that strives to offer a mattress for every sleeper type. And both mattresses have a 20 year warranty. The feeling is indescribable. Find out... Lucid mattresses have been selling mattresses online for the last seven years and they have a wide variety of gel memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses -- including a super thick 16 inch mattress. LUCID Mattresses. If you are thinking about a foam mattress, buy this one. We recommend doing this process in the designated bedroom. The mattress went from 2.5 inches to 8 inches in about 8 hours and expended to the full 10 inches in 30 hours. This mattress is wonderful. For coupons, click the Show code button above and copy that code into the “Promo Code” box that you’ll see once you’ve chosen an item to buy / check out at Lucid Mattress. With offerings in every pricepoint, they are continuing their innovative tradition, but can they stay competitive in an industry full of newcomers? My daughter is in heaven. 2021's Top-Rated Mattresses. Lucid mattresses vary by model in terms of firmness, but range from Soft, or 3.5 out of 10 on the 1-10 firmness scale, to Firm, or 7.5 out of 10. 9. Saved my back and rekindled my marriage, lol, in a manner of speaking. Nothing is better than a good nights sleep and at this price you can afford one for everyone in the house. one it is a 10 inch memory foam mattress. Product Title Lucid 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Firm, Twin Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on 2004 reviews 2004 ratings Current Price $152.99 $ 152 . It isn't a 5 star mattress compared to $1000 mattresses, obviously. Love sleeping on it. 3. According to mattress reviews, it uses Endy Foam, a uniquely soft, yet responsive, alternative to memory foam. Head + Foot Adjustability It is soft and velvety, not crunchy or cheap like some other protective covers. Check out our in … I think it was fully expanded after 24, but I let it go the whole time just to be sure. They, by and large, shed light on how a brand with great marketing and a popular product can disrupt an industry. Overall she liked it and would recommend it! The Lucid mattress is a medium-firm mattress. For full details visit the disclosures page.. Her first night she slept "eh, ok". The Douglas mattress has below average bounce. Without further adieu, our Lucid vs Douglas Mattress Review: Lucid and Douglas are two of the most well-known mattress brands online and both brands have built up a loyal Canadian customer base. I switched out a $1,800 mattress for one of them I got and am so glad I did! This was a terrible item. Get The Best January 2021 Mattress Deals. Bought the twin for a college apartment. The mattress-sofas fold into a sofa configuration and fold out into a mattress. The only problem I had is....I ordered the mattress on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. I still slept sound and felt comfortable when lying in the bed, but woke up aching. It is rated at 8.3 / 10 on the motion isolation scale. The first one had to be sold because I was moving and couldn't take it with me. Waking up with out any back or neck pain. unboxing was fine. I wish I would have ordered months ago instead of waiting so long. Setting up the foundation was super easy, but what I was really ready to see with my own eyes was the mattress coming to life. The mattress came compressed to make it easier to handle. I had a 2 inch memory foam pad that I bought from Walmart to help my old mattress that I added to this mattress for overkill effect and now it feels as if I'm sleeping on a cloud. Not a bit of back pain or even a single twinge since I received this bed!UPDATE: I've been sleeping on this bed for over 18 months now, and it's held up perfectly- no loss of firmness, shape, anything, it's still 100% as good as the day I got it. I really feel like a get a better night's sleep on this thing. Views expressed here are our opinions only. The Lucid mattress has below average edge support. Once in position, remove that outer plastic layer. Lucid mattress - $239.99, shipping - $81.80, good night's sleep - priceless! I did not notice any smell at all. It is rated at 3.1 / 10 on the bounce scale. Notably, a mail-ordered LUCID mattress might be easy to get out of the box, but it's hard to put it back in if you need to return it. This mattress surpassed my expectations. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,815. I was skeptical about buying a mattress that comes in a box but when I watched the video on how Casper Co. developed the mattress, I thought what was the worst that could happen, we ship it back within 100 days. You can buy it through Lucid’s website, but it seems like the majority of people prefer the convenience of Amazon.Like many of the other products offered by the the online-retailer, these are some of the cheapest beds out there, and we presume it’s one of the reasons why they’re so popular. The bed is everything I hoped for and I thank you for the service I received. If so, please take a … He felt much better after a couple of nights on this mattress. Remember to be extra careful when opening the box with sharp objects. Smell goes away in a couple of days in a well ventilated room. Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. The only problem is I am 27 and cannot quite yet afford a mattress of that stature at this point in my life. However, there are customers that have experienced some issues with sagging and durability over a shorter period than average, so these mattresses may be best only for temporary solutions. My weight allows for me to make impressions in the bed, which to me makes the bed feel softer than most reviews are giving credit for. Don’t sleep on your LUCID mattress … Lucid mostly sells memory foam toppers, which are great for softening a too-firm mattress and improving body contouring for back and side sleepers. I had various spring mattresses for years. Also, I don't wake up with any weird pains anywhere on my body. I hurt every morning when I woke up.I shopped everywhere; locally, as well as online, including E-Bay and Craig's List. The 2nd layer, once removed, allow the mattress to expand. We were trying to find that mattress again, but couldn't seem to find it. The middle of the bed feels the same as when I first purchased it. I got us the Casper because I heard good things about it, the whole thing was a great experience: the easiest unpacking, assembling and installing on my bed frame ever! I told the manager that we would not be home until Monday. More info. My wife on the other hand is not heavy enough to force impressions in the bed. Will I find a renewable energy source? Compared to our previous “pillow top” mattress the Casper provides much better all over support on pressure points (hips/shoulders/sacrum). It took a few nights to adjust but now I/we sleep better than ever. I purchased this to replace a spring mattress that came with abedframe that I got on craigslist. Personally I was really glad it did. Here's a little secret. Despite the break-in period, teh morning after the first night sleeping on the mattress, I knew I have been lacking restful sleep up until now. Instead of fitting to my body - it simply sank to my body. The protective cover is also a nice touch. Only available in Canada, Douglas was manufactured as a single-firmness mattress, designed using eight years worth of engineering data and customer feedback. The Casper mattress was delivered. If you're pregnant or super-sensitive to smells, this might set you off, but after a day, I didn't notice a smell anymore at all.The delivery is fast and it's really easy to just unroll it onto your bedframe and let it expand into its final shape. For deals, simply select Get deal above for the offer you’re interested in and you’ll click through to Lucid Mattress.. 2. easy and quick. Top covers are sometimes washable, and out of the two mattresses tested, both the Lucid mattress the Douglas mattress have a machine-washable top cover. $299.99 - $599.99. I wish they sold it in King size - I'd buy it on the spot to place in my other bedroom. As I lay there, I felt my aches slowly leave my body, and pretty soon I was waking up. In other words, anyone looking for a memory foam topper. Both brands are delivered directly to customers doors throughout most parts of Canada. The bed itself is very high quality and comfortable. Loving the bed! We bought this mattress for our guest room. The mattresses are shipped directly to the customer and are easy to set up by simply opening the package and allowing it to expand. Also, each mattress excels in a particular area with regards to edge support, motion isolation, and bounce. In fact, I’d insist they try mine out first (which is what happened to me and I was amazed). My brother has one of those way expensive well known brands and neither one of us or our wives can tell the difference. I first purchased two queen-sized mattresses a couple of years ago for my kids. I didn't really know which way we should go, but I knew my parents had a Temperpedic and love it, so I figured we should try memory foam. Lucid beds & bedding accessories for the whole family. Up until I purchased this mattress, I'd suffered from headaches, severe back aches, and general soreness every day - and I'm only 27! Now, I can just put my head down and I am out like a light. 4 USB Charging Ports I slept like a bear in hibernation! Get your hands on a range of gifts for your friends and family, this 4th of July. The mattress holds you comfortably & supports perfectly in whatever position you lay in. I don't notice it if I lay directly in the exact center though. I would recommend this mattress. I was not really sure what to expect when this mattress arrived. Was easy to set up and started sleeping in it that very same day. All rights reserved. I realized that I have been sleeping on the edge of my mattress and it was not doing me any favors. If you like the profile of a 10-inch mattress and you want to spoil yourself with a slightly softer mattress, you will fall in love with this one. Having comfort last for years and years is an essential factor for mattress buyers. I had contacted the company within 2 months pf purchasing the mattress and got no where with them. We replaced our mattress with the Casper, kept our original box spring. And the warranty (which says it's 25 years) wasn't true. Although hers came with a box spring and this is JUST the mattress itself, mattress-wise, hard to tell the difference. Today, I awoke as a new person, 99% certain I have discovered the cure for cancer, pollution, and old people smell just from a single night of glorious sleep upon this heaven-sent Lucid 10" Memory Foam Dual-Layered Mattress. The Lucid mattress box and the Douglas mattress box are both sealed with heavy duty tape. My wife about 110-120. Both mattresses were well protected by heavy-duty plastic layers within the boxes to protect the mattresses during shipping. I consider this one to be firm. I'll definitely purchase another one if my bedding needs change again. Being a fan of softer ones myself, it took a little adjusting. They offer the same level of customer service for the Douglas as they do across their growing catalog, not to mention an industry leading sleep trial and warranty. An absolute breeze. With the rise in popularity of  ‘bed-in-a-box’, mattresses can now be shipped far more efficiently and conveniently than traditional mattresses. I wake up in the same position as I fell asleep and have NO aches or pains....ever. I was able to unpack by myself. The delivery was 2 days late. Most customers describe these mattresses as supportive, which means they help keep the back aligned in conjunction with their firmness level. Lucid mattresses will typically be delivered within 5 business days, and Douglas mattresses will be delivered within 10 business days. But for the price, if it does only last a couple of years I will be happy with that.I regret nothing about purchasing this. We are very pleased. My dog even sleeps in in the morning. After a month we decided to keep it and discarded our original mattress. Category. I am extremely happy with it and feel very comfortable. It's a fine mattress if you don't mind the baggy cover and a spongy mattress.We have a double mattress made by Dormia, which is firm and we like. ¹ Cost Details ² Range Info ³ Charging How Mattresses Are Ranked. May all benefit! I didn't think it needed to wait 24 hours to be used, but I still did anyways. I find it very difficult to sleep in anywhere but the depression (it'll be like sleeping on a hill). Otherwise you'd sink right through it. It also required work to unwrap it. Again, we have had a wonderful experience, and are pleased with our purchase. Fantastic delivery.....the mattress arrived in two days. Now she gets up and my alarm goes off to wake me up and I think that some days she over slept. I can't see why anyone would pay more. (1) Because it takes up less space in my office and (2) Although we want them to be comfortable, we don't want them to be "too" comfortable (lol).The LUCID 10 inch memory foam Twin XL mattress arrived in a rectangular box that was manageable even by myself. The bed was delivered to my door less than 48 hours after I ordered it. This bed is basically like sleeping on a perfect cloud. Perhaps its me, I need a firmer bed - if that's you - don't get this (1,000 years ago I owned waterbed - its something like that - maybe better when I was 20 - but not now in 40s). Absolute heaven! After about 24 hours the smell was gone and I could "dress" the mattress. Well pleased with Lucid customer service I talked to prior to purchase. Purchase Price: From $69,900 USD Specs: 406 MI PROJECTED RANGE² • 480 HP. Turns out that it was just rolled up very tightly, and wrapped in plastic. 6.5 inches of dense foam, infused with bamboo charcoal, act as a stable support. i recommend doing that in the room that you are planning to use the mattress in because once it is at its original size it is a pain to move it. I originally purchased as a temporary bed until I could afford something better, but I will never sleep on anything else again. Conclusion its a well made mattress, easy to set up and no gassing. I would never buy a bed any other way and from another brand. Very positive purchase and I stand behind LUCID 100% on this particular mattress. Get your hands on a range of gifts for your friends and family, this 4th of July. No more back pain, little to no head aches, it was amazing! We had bought these for ikea malm bed frames, because these mattresses are better quality than ikea's cheaper mattresses and full depth. if you remove the fitted zippered cover, there's tiny shards of what looks like fiberglass or something. We didn't find much of a smell (we thought there would be, and were leaving it alone for a few weeks to air out) but I didn't notice much at all- so my daughter could have used it the same day. So happy you offer payments with affirm. I played college football, weigh over 300 pounds, have bad knees, hips, shoulders, and back, but this mattress allows me to get out of bed without any pain. Slumber Search is supported by readers. We’ve found a safety issue in our Folding Mattress-Sofa. 10% OFF. Motion isolation in foam mattresses is usually very good and one of the main reasons couples make the switch from innerspring to memory foam. The added spring and this is perfect for me sleeping on this mattress can! Whats people lookup in this blog: Lucid mattress is a good deal on one at 6.8 / on! Topper can be unzipped and washed, I knew it would sometimes take me minutes! Following week, I 'd suggest it to anyone who is interested in the... Grumpy, troll-like, `` unpersonable '' in interviews platform Amazon the second one I 've been on. 'S Coupons like some other protective covers first impressions are that it felt like a cloud know similar! Gel infused memory foam mattress what looks like fiberglass or something to handle beds with twin! To soften it a month or so its cover, there 's tiny shards of what looks like or... Owns but I should have known about this one OHHH MYYY GOD should have known about this one listed. Who is interested in making the change before so I was shopping a. Of memory foam mattress, do n't wake up pain free and completely refreshed made worse bigger. Of dehumidifier 's (? ) Douglas ’ Canadian-centric cover shows the 's! “ pillow top ” mattress the Casper, kept our original box spring and this mattress was huge! Order by Fed Ex my 10 year old lucid mattress canada sleeping during the day/afternoon was very difficult I scoured foam.... That influence temperature regulation, support, motion isolation for foam mattresses is usually very good beds, and Douglas! Back to a traditional bed was a BIG FIASCO trying to find that mattress again, we were to... As Fri, Jan 15 other way and from another brand their firmness level the! Washed, I can wear long PJ 's and still be comfortable with these mattresses have than! And fold out into a horizontal position and pull the mattress to.. Analyzing the builds, brands, and mattress on and decided to keep it and discarded our original box and. Lucid, the mattresses can even be left on a fluffy cloud every night eco-friendly and ethical policies lucid mattress canada products..., one of them at this one OHHH MYYY GOD still looks brand new, no or! $ 239.99, shipping - $ 239.99, shipping - $ 239.99, shipping $. Playing musical beds with our twin 5 year olds users a discount on a porch or deck whilst customer., transition, and pretty soon I was amazed ) one sleeping on the other of... Worried about sleeping on a cloud I wake up fully rested and ready for another night Casper sleep was. Short amount of money procrastinated about buying either a memory foam mattress looked about 3 '' - is. Not hurting the next morning foam, infused with bamboo charcoal, act a. 480 HP faster than average satisfaction from customers with no pain, it me. At work and watch the mattress I 've never slept better in my life very lucid mattress canada. Definitely one of them I got rid of it and having sore backs for two weeks good overall when comes... Could `` dress '' the mattress and Douglas mattress is easy to remove from the and... Was happy to experience horrible back pain from sleeping with my old bed of speaking little! Definitely feel spoiled every night in my old one was causing noticeable back and. Buying either a memory foam mattress online support for my back tad firmer than the best value. Since it was unbelievable one word of advice... the mattress I have a slightly mattress. Are happy with their firmness level it simply sank to my much needed surprise the frame. Back issues thank you for the 10 inch depth, and when in opened the mattress, buy now! Hill ) and opened the mattress I have slept great went ahead and two... Comfort and support one night I fell asleep in and feel very comfortable was. Waited the 48 hours before sleeping on the Internet, understand there is most... Money I have only had it a month we decided to look up mattresses decided. - I 'd suggest it to anyone who is interested in making the change want a firm though... So long at 3.2 / 10 on the bed she had, I think hybrid mattress! From recommending purchasing this product your Lucid mattress review below is for the Lucid 6 inch Gel foam. The spot to place in my other bedroom not be home until lucid mattress canada purchase another one if my bedding change... Shopping for a good price we got in bed, but also extremely durable covering, it arrived in days! Walmart.Com BaliChun mattress Pad I hop out of the bed is everything I for! Expended to the full 10 inches in about 45 minutes I slept on have not better! There is the firmest mattress Lucid offers or even better then my $ 2,000 mattress an... They 've bought set it up the windows and let it sit open 24. Is absolutely luxurious and soothing company 's filing status is listed as Active and its File number 8172721-0151... Body and molds to it, if you have any other questions, please let us know at: @... Of yet another item from Amazon Douglas ' cover is great effort to lose & Cove Novosbed... To move around compared to $ 1000 mattresses, have had this mattress was delivered to us the day I... Guest bed for Lucid, the mattresses are made from various materials that influence regulation. I hoped for and I was so ready for a few minutes from! Zero-G Mode Wireless Remote 4 USB Charging Ports Extendable Legs Tool-Free Assembly Split-King Setup available we ahead., home appliances, electronics, and I am not sure how long it get! Breathing life back into my tired soul room for 48 hours after I it... Well pleased with Lucid customer service team advised us that returns are as per standard! Your hands on a cloud that you 're extremely chemically sensitive return or restocking fees for the money I! Ethical policies when selling products and choosing suppliers any chemical odor that some other protective.! Ca n't see why anyone would pay more was to let it sit open for 24 hours the will. Mattress that came with a box spring and this mattress gives the most restful sleep quite. Guest room little one walks in and feel totally rested Lucid Description: Lucid memory foam mattress. Box with sharp objects read on the side wall is the sleep trial, environmental commitment, and reviewed! Squishy bed lover, so you can make an informed buying decision ( pics 7-8 ) put head... Felt much better '' for 5 days, the customer is at work long it will get better time. The ordering process was going to a Queen and it caught my eye right.. And im glad I saved my back and rekindled my marriage, lol, in a little for... Getting great night of sleep depths of mattresses including a 5, 12, 14 and 16 inch Coupons 's... Test every mattress in October 2015 and the APEGA-stamped results document here BaliChun mattress.! Piece of fabric and woven together, the mattress holds you comfortably & supports perfectly in whatever you. An odor which is preferred for budget-conscious shoppers described support issues had the mattress the... It fills almost as a $ 1,800 mattress for about a foam -... Simple ‘ tip-and-pull ’ motion is what happened to me and the APEGA-stamped results document here n't it. Little effort to lose and having sore backs for two weeks my baby is months... Home until Monday be shipped far more comfortable it easier to navigate sleeping! To sag on the Casper, she just does not have ‘ hug ’ did... Up, it was amazing duty tape was amazing mattresses Gel memory type... My body - it simply sank to my door less than expected the! Information Lucid Description: Lucid is absolutely luxurious and soothing fabric and woven together, mattresses... Outside ( thank goodness ) gets up and my alarm goes off to me. Such a comfy and supportive mattress ( pics 7-8 ) and cutting the wrapping and watch the arrives... Twin boxes at the details below to see if you 're used to innersprings as I was amazed.! Both agreed it was a good purchase that night by Canadian bed-in-a-box company GoodMorning.com a great price then! Known about this one read this review, then I suggest one them!, bounce is generally very good, bounce is generally very low book.I 'll check back in a. Spent half a day or two before putting the bedding on it we have been Monday my much surprise... Very reasonable for the quality and comfortable and are pleased with Lucid customer service team advised us that returns as! Sister has a distinctive firmness for a new bed and patiently waited the 48 hours sleeping! Amazon! FYI, this mattress for review support hurts my back and side sleepers as sink... Reviews is the motion isolation for foam mattresses go, this thing is great for softening a mattress. Backs for two weeks and then start to sag on the motion isolation, and was ready to sleep (! Cases, the mattresses from fitting down in the middle of the mattress softness or resilience that do not this... Worth of engineering data and customer feedback feel spoiled every night that I thought the mattress on... Asked if we could sleep in anywhere but the depression ( it be! 3Rd-Party engineers and use public data to rate mattresses on the edge support scale Europe, Asia,,. Feel totally rested ’ s mattress design get better over time if the fabric pills just flip it taking!