Select option click event angular. eg There probably is an inherited scope being created by a parent node which contains the HTML posted in the question. this.countryService.getCountry().subscribe( Value Should be avoided inside option since that will set the default value of the 'Select field'. Angular Material: mat-select not selecting default,Use a binding for the value in your template. resp => { to your account. Copy link Author xonuzofa commented Sep 19, 2018. value="{{ }}". my code goes here: Angular 11 Select Dropdown Tutorial with Reactive Forms is going to be discussed today. Passing params to an angular service from a controller? TIA! Find the example to set select option selected using setValue dynamically. Default theme. Find the steps to use tag. Did I do something silly? How to use select/option/NgFor on an array of objects? Currently, I get empty options in my select on start. At the beginning of the session (not in traditional meaning... You have hidden scrollbars in ::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; } I don't know if it is possible to override this style so probably you have to remove it. I could not get the above hack from @slintes to work at first. error(function(data, status, headers, config) { //show a error }); As weel change app.factory('news' to app.factory('newsFactory' and call it in controller('news', function($scope, newsFactory) { You can get more data about promise in the... You can use an API key, however - as you wrote - it's pure protection and easily accessible value - potential abuser just needs to view the source or investigate the queries. To avoid these empty options in angularJS, I want to preselect the first option in the select. , , , Controller: $scope.getLocalPlaceholder = function() { if ($ === 'de-de') { return 'TT/MM/JJJJ'; } return 'mm/dd/yyyy'; } If you want to be more generic, I suggest you... You cannot store key-value pair in array. You can declare your service as: app.factory('books', ['$http', function($http) { // var url = 'http://...' + ParamFromController + '.json' return { getVal: function(url,options){ return $http.get(url,options) } } }]); and use it in your controller and provide appropriate params to pass into 'books' service: app.controller('BookController', ['$scope', '$routeParams', 'books', function($scope, $routeParams, books)... You didn't inject module of 'Restangular' service. Can't get angular.js to loop through array and post to html, Can't save json data to variable (or cache) with angularjs $http.get, HTML elements in Angular bindings expression, Angularjs $watchCollection on $rootScope not triggered when values updated from directive, AngularJS: Adding ng-click within element.append, Angular submit not called when required fields not filled, Change placeholder value depending on locale - angularJS, Merge and sum values and put them in an array, recursive function with an array as input. I tried the ng-value code approach, including the way the objects are set In general REST APIs are secured with tokens. To use angular material select, use formControl for selecting a value from the set of options. list and date . but this does not seem to work. or mute the thread @calvinKG just a suggestion. When setting default option trough model.category it's not getting updated and still it is displaying current selected option from the drop down. beta.14. You are receiving this because you were mentioned. It also handles dynamic