If a photinia grows in a pot, put it in a light, frost-free place in winter. Without a cutback, the plant height will increase rapidly, so a photinia fraseri Red Robin reaches a majestic 400 cm within a short time, with an equally impressive width of up to 300 cm. I am willing to have the health of > > individual plants be sub optimal if that means the hedge overall will be > > denser. They are known for attractive foliage and colorful fruit. In warm climates, this tree can cause pollen problems for six to seven months out of every year. Family Rosaceae (Rose family) Plant identification. > > > > 'Red Robin' appears to be a variety within P. fraseri, about half the > size of the usual 'Birmingham'. In the open, even the thickest coat can hardly prevent a complete failure. They can be useful as screens, espaliers, hedges, or background plantings. > > Photinia Red Robin? Red Leaf Photinia. The species Photinia robusta with its red new foliage, has a number of varieties and hybrids that make it one of the more versatile hedging plants available. can anyone shed some light on this matter as we have hayfever sufferers in our household. Photinia robusta is another very popular choice you see growing in many Australian gardens which grows to around 5m. I want to be aggressive about this and I want to > > maximize the density of the hedge. someone has just told me that this plant can be deadly for hayfever sufferers??!! Photinia species are large evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees. PHOTINIA x FRASERII ROBUSTA - Photinia Characteristics This large evergreen shrub which will make a small tree has become a popular garden plant in the last 20 years mainly due to its shiny red new growth which appears in April. [ 1 ] These propagation tips apply to all varieties of Photinia including Photinia Red Robin, Photinia Robusta and Photinia Glabra Rubens. Photinia robusta . Photinia—Photinia spp. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/diseases-red-tip-photinia-97225.html Q. moving an established photinia I have a photinia which has been in the ground about 8 yrs but it has only grown to 5 ft, 6 inches in height and spread about 6 ft. Now the middle is wilting, and I want to know if it would be ok to dig it up and move it to a better site. https://www.nature-and-garden.com/gardening/photinia-leaf-spot.html It has a dense growth habit which makes it a good selection for screening. i have done (what i thought was) a fair bit of research on photinia x fraseri to plant as a hedge in our yard. 11 of 12. Does photinia cause problems for hayfever sufferers? It has small white flowers borne in early spring with red fleshy fruit following. A fast growing evergreen shrub to small tree, used widely as a hedging or screening plant Photinia robusta has attractive foliage, emerging a nice red and turning to a deep glossy green. With its gorgeous red new growth & dense growth habit Photinia robusta and some of the new smaller-growing varieties such as Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ which grows to around the 2m mark, are excellent choices. View All. This fast-growing, small tree has glossy red foliage which turns green as it matures. Photinia plants grow fast and you can expect between 1 to 3 feet (30 to 90 cm) of growth per year depending on the variety. Cutting.